All you need to know about Static Caravans

Rent a private holiday caravan
Did you know that holiday parks don't really own many holiday caravans? They rent out privately owned caravans and then charge you a premium price leaving the owner with peanuts? Rent direct from the owner for your next holiday and save £££'s for so much more.
  Protect your caravan boiler
There's an unseen danger around the UK coastline and it can cost you £hundreds in repairs and £thousands in insurance. Lime scale KILLS hundreds of caravan boilers and water heaters every year
How to make money from your holiday caravan
Reach hundreds of potential holiday makers who are searching this website for private caravans to rent.
No setting up fees, and it only costs MAX £9.99 a month.

Caravan Insurance
Did you know you probably are paying too for your caravan insurance? Included in your policy from the park is their commission. You could save a bundle from the UK's leading broker. 
Understand your legal rights as an owner
Don't allow yourself to be bullied by park owners. See the Holiday Parks Code of Conduct - and the 3 step complaints procedure that gets results.
How to drain down your caravan for the winter
After the record breaking winter of 2010/2011 there were thousands of caravan owners with freezing pipes, don't make that mistake in 2010. Read how to do it properly

This beautiful caravan was flooded because it was not winterised correctly

 Caravans at Primrose Valley in Yorkshire